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Imagine that you operate a skin spa that provides a great service.

In fact, you’re service speaks for itself — your customers love your facials!

But you’d like more customers.

How do you show other people what’s unique about your customer experience?

Sure, testimonials on reviews sites can help, but do they really explain your customer experience?

Probably not very well.

There’s a better way!

Let’s explain your customer experience through authentic, unbiased short videos and share them on!

BlueRipple summarized in 66 words

BlueRipple captures authentic experiences in short, unbiased videos and shares those experiences with the world.  Specifically, BlueRipple produces videos for your business that show prospective customers each step in the customer journey.  These videos are featured on your business’s dedicated webpage on BlueRipple’s website (for example,  Your webpage also includes other relevant business information such as links to customer review sites and social media accounts.

Your BlueRipple webpage

Your business’s customer experience videos are featured on a simple, elegant webpage on along with other important information about your business.  Customers love that the concise format makes it easy to understand your business and connect with you fast.

Our process is simple

Initial consultation

Schedule a consultation with BlueRipple to determine video requirements

Complete filming

BlueRipple completes on-site filming at your business

Go live

BlueRipple posts your videos on your business's webpage on

Connect with
new customers

Connect with new customers who choose you based on your unique customer experience

Frequently asked questions

BlueRipple’s pricing structure emphasizes advertising performance.  BlueRipple charges advertisers for video production, webpage traffic (i.e., page and video views), webpage set-up, and annual membership:

  • Video production is charged at-cost, and its price varies based on the complexity of film production
  • Webpage traffic is a variable cost based on how many visitors view your webpage and customer experience videos located at
  • Webpage set-up is charged each time a new webpage is activated (advertisers can have multiple webpages)
  • Annual membership is due at the beginning of the year and supports ongoing platform enhancements

It’s important for a business to focus on its core competency.  BlueRipple specializes in presenting compelling web content using standards that reach new customers.  Customers trust BlueRipple as a brand that delivers authentic, unbiased content.  By working with BlueRipple, your business frees up time and energy to focus on what its best at.

Yes!  Upon the completion of video production, BlueRipple shares the final videos with the advertiser.  The advertiser can use the videos for other marketing initiatives.

BlueRipple is based in Washington, DC.